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When comedians tell you, “You’re a comedian,” your an official comedian. That’s the story of comedian, actor, producer, and director, Jordan Jackson.


After graduating off a full track and field scholarship from Southern Arkansas University, the California-native decided he wanted to make his first marks in Atlanta. At 23-years-old in search of a legacy, he packed his car and drove from the West to the East to apart of the success he
saw making its way. With a bookbag full of mixtapes, Jordan built his following as DJ Slim, spinning at clubs and selling CD mixes. He became well-known as a DJ, but eventually even more beloved as a comedian. His ability to radiate a room was not only noticed by strangers on
the daily, but also to fellow comedians. Growing up Jordan knew he was the class clown, but a professional career in comedy felt like an ambiguous dream. One day, while passing through his neighborhood barbershop at sell his mixes, a comedian pulled him to the side and told him to
wake up to his calling. Since that day Jordan decided to face his truth.


He began to take his talent seriously by honing in on his techniques. He started by taking writing classing, performing free around town, and self-producing his own stand-up dvds. He knew his work ethic would also be a factor in furthering his career, so in exchange for stage time and
exposure, he agreed to do local club promotions and pass flyers to get his face out. By helping others, Jordan’s network began to expand and his true potential as an actor/comedian began gaining recognition. When a skit he posted went viral, gaining over a million views in less than a day, he saw his time rise.


Currently with having performed over hundreds of shows across the country, Jordan is now one of the most booked comedians in Atlanta. Jordan’s career in radio began after being discovered by Kristi Love one night while performing his stand-up act. Being active and a source of
positivity in the community is vital to Jordan. He believes that it is in giving back that we will receive. Jordan is also the fun-loving, superdad to his four daughters Victoria, Monisa, Sha’Coya, and Chrishaunna and his baby son Victor.


Listen to Jordan Jackson live on the “Morning Show Crew,” with Kristi Love at 6AM-10AM every Monday-Friday on Power 92.3 FM JAMZ.


Quote: “It is important to invest in yourself, because no one is going to promote you how you promote

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