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Specializing in Public Relations and Brand Management. 

Mission Statement: Our primary objectives are to focus on developing relevant and strategically targeted public relations campaigns for our clients. Through our various industry contacts in TV, radio and magazine outlets, we can provide you with a diverse source of placement options that will enhance visibility,  and create opportunities for continued media exposure and growth.                                                                  


No matter what industry you are in whether its music, film, dance or fashion the common denominator to being successful and relevant in your field will always depend on how effective you are at managing your brand. Presentation is everything in show-business, knowing how you come across to the masses and to your target audience is paramount in maintaining and expanding your fan-base. The professionals at The Stellar PR Firm can help you nail this down.


By using our comprehensive approach to managing your brand. We'll consult with you and get a clear understanding of what your brand is, then focus on the primary goals and objectives that you establish to develop a marketing and PR strategy that produces results.


We focus on getting you booked at venues  that are important to you and explore options that you haven't thought of that will  maximize your opportunities for continued success. 

Through our various media contacts across the landscape of TV, radio and magazine,  we can provide you with a diverse source of placement options that will enhance your overall visibility and create opportunities for continued  exposure and growth.
We work hard to get you exposure through high visibility media outlets that's  consistent with your brand and will reach your target audience.
Our clients have been featured in the following media outlets:  Essence Magazine, Brownstone MagazineSouth Magazine, Rolling-Out Online Magazine, also guest appearances on day time television talk show's like TV-One's new hit show "Sister Circle".
Being seen and accessible in the right places and in the right doses is key to brand management and maintaining relevancy in your industry. Whether you are a published author, model, actor, celebrity chef or motivational speaker we can get you booked at the right venues so you can be seen, sell your product and ultimately expand your fan-base. 
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