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Chaka Balamani

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Chaka Balamani

Chaka Balamani was born in Frankfurt, Germany to a Carribean mother and Congolese father and was raised in the Washington DC area. Chaka first discovered his love for film and acting in high school and in college through taking film and theatre courses. After a summer internship at MTV, 

Chaka became a certified television producer at DCTV, where he developed a comedy series, "Dr. J. Petty" that was selected as a finalist in the Comedy Central NYU pilot competition.


Chaka made his directorial feature debut in 2013 on Amazon Prime in "6 Hearts 1 Beat," written by Frank E. Jackson, Jr.. He has acted in over 50 films since 2000, to include the successful comedy "Thanksgiving Roast" (2021) and its upcoming sequel "A Naughty Christmess Story" (2023) 

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