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“Day one or one day. You decide.” - Paulo Coelho


Veon Selman
Actor.Model.Voice Over.Fitness Trainer.Serial 

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Client Bio

Veon Selman


Veon Selman was raised in Detroit, Michigan, along with his five siblings, by a determined single mother and the support of a loving family. Although his father was absent due to incarceration, and his surroundings were empoverished and violent at times, a multi-talented young Veon found solace in music, sports, and art.  


Veon graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA and joined the U.S. Airforce shortly thereafter. Receiving numerous accolades and recognitions, Veon was off to starting an impeccable career until ONE decision changed the course of his life ultimately, for the better. Veon had a lapse in judgment that landed him into a presumptive sentence of 15 months of military confinement. 

During that time, Veon self-reflected and made a full 360-turnaround from the negative path his life was leaning towards. A fellow inmate made reference to model/actor/author Jeremy Meeks' mugshot on a nationwide broadcast, and Veon learned the similarities of their stories. This made Veon realize that he, too, could turn his life around. 

By the Grace of God and finding self love, Veon only had to serve 2/3 of his original sentencing. He was released on January 1, 2015. "It's crazy how the universe and not crazy in a bad way, allowed me to be reborn from captivity on the first of a new year. It meant something impactful is coming." says the 32 year old actor/serial entrepreneur. By the Grace of God and Veon's self discipline to stay focused, he embarked on a path that he never dreamed would happen for him. Veon was determined to make amends with the world, himself, and his moral compass. 


Veon was often asked if he'd considered modelling and acting. He did act while in school, but this time, he was determined this was his path to purpose. Fast forward, from age 5, Veon learned how to pose and modeled for local shows. He was signed to BMG Models and the rest is history in the making! Multiple billboards, major campaigns and runways across the nation! 


Veon is truly a star on the rise and proof that dreams do come true! “Who would’ve thought that a young black man from Detroit could bounce back against so many odds, from military confinement to taking meetings with Paramount Studios, Campaigns in multiple regions, to Fashion Runway Shows like the creditable Miami Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week or Chicago’s Latina Fashion Week and leading roles as an actor on our screens today! 


A few of Veon's film projects are "Miami Confidential" streaming on Tubi, the HBO Max hit TV series “Southside,” which aired in 2020 and a National Broadcast Commercial “He gets us, "which was featured in the NFL playoffs 2023 and more….


Veon is no stranger to sorrow, hardship, or pain. He lost a sibling, his father and grandmother at very critical times in his life. “It happens to everyone, but it’s how you grow and help others through those moments of self reflection, Finding that Balance yea that’s it” says the 32 year old actor. 


Veon and his beautiful wife have a motivational fitness line and an apparel line entitled, "YouvsSelf." This line was inspired by Veon's own journey to overcome the darkest of times and to face his inner self. To embrace love over fear and unity within self and with those around you. We all deserve grace. We all deserve second chances. He married the love of his life, is a proud "girl" dad, and is currently working with numerous creative artists and teams day in and out. "The work that is created is amazing and makes what we strive so hard for, worth it!" Says Veon Selman


Currently, you can see Veon on billboards and ad campaigns such as the Van Michael Salon partnering with Aveda across the US. Keep an eye out for Veon in his latest upcoming film project titled "Black Cats White Mice” “The Holiday INN” and “Deadly Attraction” on his IMDB.


More projects are coming soon and will be announced as soon as we are given the greenlight! Keep an eye out for future projects to come. You will not regret it.  In the words of the late, great, Muhammed Ali, "Rumble, young man, Rumble."

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